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Chivalry for the modern knight

Chivalry for the modern knight


You’ve heard it time and again: chivalry is dead. I can almost hear men all over the world do a synchronized eye-roll. OK, so maybe it isn’t dead dead, but it sure is endangered. On the verge of extinction, at the very least. Could we perhaps lend a helping hand to the fumbling masses who are scratching their heads wondering, how, just how?

Here are some acts of chivalry that hopeful, damsel-in-distress-like women still desire for in an age of gender equality and female empowerment:

Small gestures go a long way

Hold the door open for people, not just girls, but people who might need that extra help. Think injured people, pregnant women, etc. It’s heartwarming to know that you care about others and are genuinely kindhearted.

Share your umbrella, watch out for her on the road, be kind to strangers, lend her your jacket without her asking. Conscientiousness is key!

Making sure she gets home safe after the date

If you don’t have the means to send her home to her doorstep, you could show your concern with a little text or message.

Things to avoid:

This is important. Red flags, y’all.

Don’t order for her. Especially not things like salads, “because you look like you could do with one”.

Don’t diss other people. You just look bitter and really judgmental. Making passing comments like “that’s really gay” about other men are just really distasteful.

Stand up for her/back her up when necessary

If she’s being maltreated or harassed, don’t be apathetic. Let her know you’re there for her no matter what. Chances are, she can probably fend for herself. It’s just comforting to know that she isn’t alone in such situations.

Remember the things that mean a lot to her

Maybe she likes to dance – put on some nice music and indulge in some groovin’. Maybe she’s a dog-lover – bring her to a dog cafe, or the park. Maybe she’s feeling insecure that day – shower her with sincere compliments.

Or maybe she’s very sentimental and special days (like anniversaries) are important to her. Show her that a relationship is built on mutual effort and appreciation, and that you’ve noticed the little things about her.

Loyalty and faithfulness

It’s not rocket science. Come clean about your emotions and intentions. If you don’t want the same things as she does, let her know without stringing her along. If the stars have aligned and you both want the same things, let her know of your affection and devotion. Commit (silently or aloud) to weathering storms together come what may.


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