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Burberry The Fashionhouse is Suing Burberry The Rapper

Burberry The Fashionhouse is Suing Burberry The Rapper


Burberry filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against the rapper and producer Burberry Perry for trademark infringement, stealing the brand’s name and logo.


Lil Yachty and Burberry Perry, photo by Daniel Brothers for Noisey

Mostly known for producing a track that features Kylie Jenner and her apparent singing debut, the rapper’s official name is Perry Moise, where he chose “Burberry” as part of his stage name. Even though Burberry has been reaching out to the hip-hop artist through June and July with multiple emails, follow-up letters and phone calls, according to Fashionista, Moise had continued to use the label’s signature checkered patterns and equestrian logo to promote his self-titled EP.

BURBERRY 1 Screenshot from official court documents showcasing evidence of infringement 

“As a global luxury brand, Burberry considers the protection of its intellectual property vital for the health of its business and to safeguard its customers,” a spokesperson for the brand had stated. “As such, Burberry goes to great lengths to protect its creative designs and will take all necessary action against the abuse of Burberry trademarks.”

Burberry is taking this infringement seriously becomes music is tightly associated with the brand. Burberry Acoustic, a digital platform that commissions emerging artists with exclusive performances, and being the first fashion brand to get its own channel on Apple Music, are just some instances the brand has been involved with the music industry.

The legal team is thus worried for the possibility of confusion when “Burberry” is searched on music streaming apps like Apple Music or Spotify. Consumers might also be led to thinking that the brand sponsored Burberry Perry or that the two is connected somehow or the other.

Although Moise’s management had not made any direct comments, all imagery related to the Burberry brand have since been removed from the artist’s Soundcloud page and social media accounts. He has also changed his name to TheGoodPerry and produced a track titled ‘Blueberry’ in light of these recent events.

And his reaction? Over here:


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