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Beat the Heat: 5 Long Lasting Korean Makeup Dupes this Summer

Beat the Heat: 5 Long Lasting Korean Makeup Dupes this Summer


While the sweltering summer heat is practically old news to the seasoned locals, it does feel like it’s getting a tad bit warmer as we delve into the month of June.

Whether it is global warming that’s taking a toll on the weather or the Southwest Monsoon, we will all face the biggest makeup dilemma of the month. How do we get that long-lasting coverage in the midst of the unfaltering and unforgiving feverish heat? Though midday touch-ups and the occasional blotting does the job, prevention is always possible with these five staple products in your makeup regime!

Pore Primer

Oily skin accompanied by the never-ending sebum production factory in our pores is a major headache, especially when we need to blot and powder throughout the day. In order to provide a smooth canvas before makeup application, applying a pore minimising primer is key. While many of us are familiar with Benefit’s Porefessional Face Primer ($58.00) that claims the holy grail makeup primer status, there are cheaper alternatives that are as effective at keeping sebum production at bay.

At 1/5 the price of Benefit’s Porefessional, the Innisfree No Sebum Blur Primer is your answer when the heat starts to take a toll on your makeup. This product encompasses natural mint and minerals that manages the balance between oil and moisture levels, allowing your skin to carry a long-lasting softness while you run errands throughout the day.

Eyeshadow Primer

An accumulation of sweat and oil always causes some smudging action on our lids – especially if we don’t prep them before layering on our eyeshadow and eyeliner. Creasing is the last thing we would want after giving up our extra 15 minutes of sleep to work on our crisp eyeliner and blend our eyeshadows. In order to improve the longevity and colour payoff of our eye makeup, an eyeshadow primer is definitely an essential in our makeup bags.

Many beauty gurus swear by the classic Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion ($33.00) but for those who are seeking for a more affordable substitute, Etude House’s Proof 10 Eye Primer can get the same job done at 1/4 the price. What’s not to love?

Setting Spray

As a finishing touch to your beauty regime, setting spray acts as a coat that locks in your makeup. Although it doesn’t set your makeup entirely in place, makeup is less likely to budge and smudge as the hours pass. Melting, creasing, smudging and fading are a thing of the past because setting sprays have the power of reducing makeup disasters.

When it comes to setting spray, Urban Decay’s All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray Long Lasting ($48.00) is your best bet. But, some of you must be thinking – Almost 50 bucks just for a setting spray? For those who fall under this category, fret not as you can pay just 1/3 the price to grab Skinfood’s Red Orange Makeup Finish (Matte). It does a decent job of controlling sebum production, albeit falling slightly short in terms of lasting power as compared to UD’s version.

Loose Powder

As much as powder is the culprit of caking and creasing our base makeup, the fault lies in the application rather than the product itself. Many of us have a misconception that applying pressed or loose powder will leave an unnatural and dull cast on our skin. Since the inception of ‘glowy’ Korean skin as advertised all over K-beauty brands and K-dramas, it is of no wonder how those who caught up in the Korean wave naturally moved towards dewy skin makeup. However, as good as dewy skin looks and sounds, it might not be a practical option for oily skin accompanied by the merciless humidity here.

Instead of swirling your brush to cover the entire surface area of your face, gently tap it on the zones with excessive oil production. Loose powder can be a friend or a foe, depending on how you go about handling it! Amongst all the loose powders in the market, Make Up For Ever’s Ultra HD Loose Powder ($38.00) gets the winning title. As promised in its product description box, it delivers a light matte effect and smooth luminous feeling that leaves our skin with a natural finish.

At 1/5 the price of MUFE’s loose powder, Innisfree offers it’s own version for girls out there who just want to keep their skin from looking like an oil slick without damaging their wallets. Just like MUFE, Innisfree’s No Sebum Mineral Powder is a light and translucent powder suited for all shades of Asian skin. Dark skin girls, don’t worry about that artificial white cast! Besides controlling excessive sebum production, this product also gives your skin a soft and smooth complexion!

Lip Stain

As much as powder and cream blushes have stayed as the standard cheek flush, they aren’t the best products to apply when we have to deal with this heat and humidity. Powdered blushes add on to the creasing and caking while cream blushes tend to make your skin feel greasy and sticky. A few years back, the multi-functional lip and cheek tint swarmed the beauty market and Benefit’s Benetint Cheek & Lip Stain ($54.00) was all the buzz. It’s smudge-proof formula makes it all the more the perfect blush to wear in preparation for the buckets of perspiration in this scorching heat.

Although the Benetint caught everyone’s attention back in 2015, Peri Pera has made its presence as Benefit’s competitor. The Peripera Peri’s Tint Water comes as cheap as 1/10 the price of the Benetint, boasting a wider range of shades to choose from as well. This lightweight and fruity stain is the perfect dupe for you girls who need an affordable long-lasting flush!


*All price comparisons are made based on Sephora and Qoo10’s online pricing.
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