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Be Impossible To Forget


Ever wanted to create your own unique and personalised fragrance?

Je t’aime perfumery is not your average perfumery company. Founded by Ms Prachi Saini Garg, the bespoke perfumery company specialises in creating personalised scents through workshops for individuals, couples (Yes, guys can do it too), cooperate clients and even bridal showers. By doing a perfume personality test and understanding the general categories of these individual scents through a fragrance wheel, bespoke perfumes are created unique to the individuals personality or liking. Sometimes a scent is created based on the mood of the day more than the personality itself! The sense of smell stimulates memories, and fragrances can be created based on what you remember of your loved ones. So, if your’e looking for a unique gift with a personal touch, this could be an awesome idea for you to consider. Did I mention that you can also engrave on your final product?

There are 5 different general categories of these individual scents: Citrus, Fresh, Floral, Woody and Oriental. While Citrus, Fresh and Floral are more catered for the younger individuals who are generally for the extroverted, Wood and Oriental are generally more suited for mature individuals who are elegant, bold and perhaps the introverted.

In addition to over 400 other top quality scents, there are 50 different types of Native Orchid aromas that they were able to recreate out of the 80 that were existing in Singapore. These individual scents were made into essential oils which differentiates them from the other types of perfume you purchase commercially (which are usually made from chemicals). These bespoke perfumes have a shelf life of 3 to 5 years, which is comparable to commercially purchased  perfumes.

Did you know that your tongue can only taste 5 different flavours? Sour, bitter, sweet, salty and umami? Other flavours are ‘tasted’ by your sense of smell. Try this: block up  your sense of smell by pinching your nose tightly and then taste a jelly bean without knowing what flavour it is. After that recover your sense of smell. Before your sense of smell is recovered, you’ll probably only be able to taste that the jelly bean is sweet or sour but when you recover your sense of smell, the actual flavour of the jelly bean is revealed. Lit stuff.

While customising your own perfume is not common due to various reasons such as it being considered as a form of luxury item or other reasons as to the fact that it is not well know to people, it is considered as an art-form. Je t’aime perfumery hopes that olfactory-arts will grow to be a niche on its own.

The quaint and laid-back vibes will definitely get your creative senses going. Visit their website for more information such as location, charges etc.



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