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Bags of feelings

Bags of feelings


Carry your heart on your sleeves, literally, with these bags that well encapsulates the different levels of our mood meter. On average, a person has 70 000 thoughts a day, some recurring, some fresh. That’s a lot going on. Words will fail you at times so why not express yourselves through these fashion statements? Share your joy or lighten the load of a heavy heart with these bags.



Ban.do’s Super Chill Cooler Bag

A happy face slapped onto a baby pink circle tote, this Super Chill Cooler Bag by Ban.do is the embodiment of unadulterated joy. Pink, itself, is a colour commonly synonymous with warmth and happiness. If you look close enough, you will notice the gold zipper even has a smiley face carved into it. Speaking of which, there’s more to rejoice about when a bag comes with a zipper. You don’t have to worry about your belongings falling out as you rush for the bus or get squeezed on the MRT train during peak hours. What’s more, this bag will keep your drinks chill throughout the day. That’s a bonus when the sun is scorching over here in the little red dot!



Lazy Oaf’s Bored Already Tote Bag

This one’s for the dull and bland days. Ward off people who keep questioning your RBF*, asking if you are okay with this bag that explains everything. The stylistic downward mesh of the words even brings out the tone of voice that goes off in your head when you read things. Sounds a little Squidward in mine. But this tote is anything but boring. With a quirky touch of embroidery and polka dots, it will keep your outfit looking adorable.


Fuzzy feelings

Stylenanda’s Eco-Friendly Tote

Ah, those warm and fuzzy feelings. You can keep your lucky charm and even your favourite human (I’m kidding here but you get what I mean) with the amount of space in this eco-bag. Not too worry, this bag is made of faux fur but it feels just as soft as if it was the real deal. It can even double up as a pillow on long days, letting you get a restful nap and keep those sleepy tantrums away. Just as multi-faceted our emotions are, you can carry this tote in different ways. You can use both handles and carry it like a regular tote or use just one like a Japanese knot bag.



Sugar Thrillz’s Rainbow Pop Backpack

Dopamine-inducing, it is no wonder lovestruck couples have increased energy levels and find it easier to seek a silver lining. Made of vegan leather, this bag comes with detachable straps and a removable shoulder strap. You can either wear it as a backpack or cross-body bag. In all its heart-shaped glory, pastel tones and happy motifs, what’s not to love?



Fevrier Designs’ Eat Makan Blue Red Tote Bag

According to the dictionary, ‘Hangry’ is a feeling of frustration as a result of being hungry. Familiar? Instead of continuing to sulk with your grumbling stomach, carry this tote and you are sure to find your fellow makan kakis to gorge away your frustrations.



Trash bag

Some days feel trash, absolute trash. Probably not the best advice to adhere to but you can bag up all your problems and throw them away.



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