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Back to School Style Guide (well, kinda)

Back to School Style Guide (well, kinda)


With the semester break already here, it’s time for some much needed retail therapy. Let’s take a shopping trip down memory lane of our schooling days. School may have been a mess of stress but as cheesy as it sounds, we wouldn’t be who we are today if not for it. Without the let-downs of disappointing grades, you wouldn’t have bonded with new found friends over how frustrated you were with e v e r y t h i n g. Neither would you have found your own creative outlet and discovered that one band which understood all your vexations. Without the sappiness of first-crushes, you wouldn’t have found yourself in those quotes about love and heartache on countless Tumblr blogs either. Those very quotes were the ones that led you to the books on your current list of favourite books. More importantly, without school, you wouldn’t have found your own ‘Breakfast Club‘ – the pals you laugh with and laugh at, the pals you see on your ordinary and extraordinary days, the pals who passed the Front Porch Test.


Here’s to the good old days :


Counting down till recess time!

Lazy Oaf Lunchtime Tote Bag 

A break anytime of the day is welcomed. Stuff your lunchbox and snacks into this sweet tote bag.


What is high school without friendship drama?

Mash-Up Clueless Overall Skirt

Let everyone know you can’t be bothered with emotional blackmail and teenage drama with this sassy number.


Behold the ancient enigma: The White Sneaker Problem

Superga 2750 White – Multifoxing

Who didn’t question why we had to wear solely white shoes to school? Coloured shoelaces, coloured soles, coloured lining, we tried everything just to act out against that boring old rule. Well, thank goodness Superga empathises with our pain. You’ll definitely be wearing these Multifoxing shoes outside the school term, they’re adorable!


Remember wanting to give up on school?

PULL&BEAR Embroidered T-shirt

Been there, done that.


FINALS. (need I explain)

UNIF Send Help Hoodie

Stay comfy as you wallow in misery over pages and pages of study notes and lecture slides.


Meet-the-parents sessions which also doubled up as report book day. Don’t we all miss this?

Left: Petals and Peacocks Anna is Mom Tee / Right: Petals and Peacocks Karl is Dad Tee

All hail Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld. What is Fashion without them? These Mom and Dad tees are here to see you through your good and bad times. You can go from lazy-day-chic with a pair of beach shorts to tough-rocker with ripped jeans and a leather biker jacket. The combinations are endless.


Looking all smart in crisp shirts and ties on Founder’s Day.

Pomelo Fashion Vivienne Bow Tie Shirt

In the classic black and white, this shirt is versatile and will go with just about everything. Pair this with an old school skirt for a youthful, vintage get-up or wear it with high waisted pants for a more sophisticated look.


Alas, Graduation day. The day when you feel awfully old and yet, the first day of school felt like it was only yesterday.

Eyeye Forever Young Shirt

Graduation day also marks the start of your growing pinstripe shirt collection. Adulthood, let’s go. Time to start getting those bills paid and being a functional human being. You got this.

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