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Bags of feelings

Carry your heart on your sleeves, literally, with these bags that well encapsulates the different levels of our mood meter.

Singapore Flea Markets – Then and Now

The Sungei Road Thieves' Market was not much different from the flea markets we have now. They were much simpler and perhaps a lot more rough around the edges but it was all the same, bustling with people haggling and looking for the best value-for-money deals.

Store your summer essentials in this summer essential

Remember those dainty straw handbags you saw in photographs of your Ah Ma in her teens and 20s?

Survival guide for The Starving Artist

Here's how you can still be a functional human being and chase after your dreams without suffering for your art.

Here got lobang, h-ear got lobe-bahng

Flaunt your national pride and go back to the good ol' days with our guide to quirky earrings with a punch of local flavour.

Inexpensive ways to keep your wardrobe looking expensive

Cleaning up isn't as cumbersomeΒ as you imagine it to typically be!

Lookbook: Vintagewknd

Vintage is making a comeback. Check out Vintagewknd for affordable and unique apparels.

Ways to wear the birthstones of June

Incorporate the mystical magic of June's birthstones into your wardrobe and beauty regimen.

Trend forecast: Rainy season ahead

Forget Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter trends, here's our style guide to surviving this season of thunderstorms.