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I eat honey for breakfast, thrive on funny people, and write poems to stay sane.

Acne Woes? Eucerin Skincare Might Have Something For You

Oily, acne and blemished skin even after teenage years? Find out more about Eucerin's DermoPURIFYER skincare range for acne-prone skin now!

“Sunblock VS Sunscreen??” and Your Idiot Proof Sun Protection Guide

Baby, it's hot outside. And we all need sun lovin' 🌞

Les Enfants du Paradis: Four men and one woman in Paris

Oldie Goldie - A French classic on romance set in a time where the delightful Parisian theatre thrived.

Do You Know How Your Skin Colour Came About?

Do you know how your skin colour came about? Or how did we come to have a range of shades? It's all in your environment and diet. Read here to learn more!

Oldie Goldie: When Everyone Confesses To The Same Crime

Oldie Goldie - What if everyone confesses to having did the crime, even the victim himself?

Yayoi Kusama: An Art Exhibiton (and everything you need to know)

Haven't catch Yayoi Kusama's 'Life is the Heart of a Rainbow' exhibition yet? We take you through our journey and show you the glimpses we caught.

When Everyone Says The Mummy Is Bad But You Still Want To Watch it

Never mind what the pretentious critics and amateurs say (maybe me too). Read this before you watch The Mummy.

The Real Gift Guide For Fathers’ Day (Singapore Edition)

Fathers' Day is coming! Tired of the same few ideas? No inspiration? Read our gift guide now. Not always conventional, 100% satisfaction.

Painless Non-Surgical Nose Job in Minutes

Unsatisfied with your nose shape but don't want to undergo the knife? Try this fast and painless method!

Oldie Goldie: They Said No One Could Make A Film Of It

Oldie Goldie - Did you know how the term 'Lolita' came about? Read our classic movie recommendation for the week to learn more!