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The Never Ending Cycle of K-Beauty: K-Beauty Showcase 2017

A weekend with Song Ji Hyo's Makeup Artist and Hair Plus Korean Salon! Read on to find out the latest K-beauty makeup and hair styling tips.

Keep Or Toss? This Is Your Makeup Expiration Guide!

Maybe it's time to go through your makeup stash and dump your decade-old products.

Ready, Get Set, Go! – University Camp Edition

University camps can be daunting but you can look effortlessly beautiful with these 3 tips!

IKEDA SPA: We Got The Geisha Treatment In Singapore

Bird poop first, strike lottery later. Oh, and we have good stuff for acne-prone skin too!

The Asian Guide to Conquer the Contour

Ever wondered how to get that V-line without overdoing your contour?

Stay Rooted – 5 Ways to Style Grown Out Hair

Cut down on salon visits and embrace your black roots with these 5 hairstyles!

It’s About Time – The Best Bang for your Buck with AMOT

Piece your own watch together as and when you like it! Create your own sustainable watch collection with AMOT.

Supergoop! X Sephora – Sunscreen Just Got Fun!

Sunscreen reapplication made easy with Supergoop! Check out their latest line at your nearest Sephora store now.

To trim or not to trim?

Having commitment issues with your bangs? Here are some styling tips for those who want to grow their bangs out!

Beat the Heat: 5 Long Lasting Korean Makeup Dupes this Summer

Stay, don't stray! Korean makeup dupes you need to keep your makeup intact in this scorching season.