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This is what a good night text really means

And in her mind, she's thinking the same thing that - 'I chose you today and I’ll choose you again tomorrow and every day after that.'

Ways to show affection through physical touch

A list of things you can do to love your partner through physical touch. Disclaimer: It has nothing to do with sex.

What it feels to be in love

Welcome to the human heart.

20 telltale signs to show that someone is interested in you

They respond to your texts quickly and keep the conversation going even though you’ve ran out of things to talk about.

7 Secrets About Men Most Women Don’t Know

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Under Armour Debuts Functional Fashion Collection

Beyond the comforts of casual active wear and the trusted functionality of innovative athletic wear.

Taylor Swift Tops Forbe’s Chart for Top Earning Celebrity

Hiddleswift is not the only headline Taylor Swift is making

Inside Fukushima

Radioactive waste are scattered across the town, evidence of the immense efforts to contain the nuclear fallout.