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Asia’s FIRST oil-infused lotion by NIVEA

Asia’s FIRST oil-infused lotion by NIVEA


The well known reputable brand, none other than NIVEA has done it again! Curating products specially suited for Asian skin. With the scorching hot sun and humidity in the Southeast Asian region, our skin is prone to dryness, being flaky and causing an itch. The debate between ‘oil vs lotion’  as moisturisers will always be a prominent issue. Which will be a better option? NIVEA has now launched the best of both worlds to keep our skin moisturized for 24 hours straight without the need of reapplying! Available in 3 variants, Cherry Blossom + Jojoba Oil, Vanilla + Almond Oil and Rose + Argan Oil, consumers are free to choose the oil-infused lotion of their favourite scent.


  1. 24 hour deep moisturisation! (Can’t emphasize this enough)
  2. Infused with feminine invigorating floral fragrances
  3. Instant smoother skin
  4. Fast-absorbing, non-greasy and a breeze for everyday use
  5. Dermatologically approved and offers both nourishment of an oil in a lotion
NIVEA body oil in lotion Cherry Blossom & Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil (pronounced as ho-ho-ba) is rich in important vitamins and minerals. Vitamins E and B-complex, copper, zinc, selenium chronium and iodine. Definitely suitable for all skin types and it has healing properties. This product is great for people suffering from dry skin. Also, it is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory purposes.

Besides nourishing the skin for 24 hours, it seals in moisture and creates a barrier against external aggressors. Moreover, it reduces wrinkles, repairs dry cuticles, hydrates cracked feet and hands. Most importantly, its suitable for all ages!

NIVEA body oil in lotion Rose & Argan Oil

Its all about argan oil nowadays, isn’t it? Also known as Moroccan oil, it is considered a rare oil only sourced from an Argan tree imported from Morocco itself. Packed with vitamins A and E, anti-oxidants, linoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acids.

Emphasis on the 24 hour nourishment and softening of skin. Instantly exuding a radiant and a glow. Treats cuticles and dry hands too! *Just a tip: Apply this lotion before heading to bed for a soothing and a pampering treat!*

NIVEA body oil in lotion Vanilla & Almond Oil

If you aren’t familiar with almond oil, fret not! It is mild with hypoallergenic properties suitable for the most sensitive skin. In addition, it is said to be the best massage oil for infants. Containing generous amounts of monounsaturated fatty acids(delays signs of ageing), vitamin E, potassium, proteins, zinc and other vitamins and minerals. Almond oil is easily penetrated to the skin hence great nourishment and moisture to the skin.

Benefits include promoting healthy skin, alleviating dry feet and hands. As mentioned earlier, it absorbs quickly into the skin leaving a radiant and smooth texture. PS: This scent will only be available at Watsons from September onwards!

What else is there not to love about an oil-infused lotion? With regular usage, your skin will be left smooth and velvety. Get your latest range of NIVEA oil-infused lotions (Cherry blossom and Rose) at your nearest Watsons, Guardian, supermarkets and hypermarkets from 1 August 2017. NIVEA body oil in lotion Vanilla & almond oil is exclusively available at Watsons from Sepetember 2017. Products are priced at $7.90 for 200 ml and $10.90 for 400ml.


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