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Are you ready to Ruffle?

Are you ready to Ruffle?


This Spring 2017, ruffles are everywhere! If you haven’t noticed, the ruffle trend are making its way back. Spot them on dresses, blouses, skirts, jeans and even bags. Here are 5 ways you can rock and style this frilly trend!


The lightweight and flowy design of ruffles will make you look poise and elegant. Be daring and try the toga ruffled dresses. Or don a bardot ruffled bust dresses. Otherwise, a more minimalistic look that you can opt for would be ruffled hem dresses.

Bershka Long asymmetric floral print dress with ruffles, SGD 69.90

TOPSHOP Stripe Ruffle Wrap Dress, SGD 109.00


The ruffled details on sleeves add a dynamic edge to your outfit. It doesn’t matter if it’s short, long or sleeveless. It makes your get-up unique and outstanding. If you are more daring, try experimenting layered ruffles on sleeves. It gives off a more dramatic look!

H&M Top with ruffles, SGD 69.90

ZARA Ruffled Poplin Top, SGD 49.90


By having ruffles at the hem of your trousers, it plays with the illusion of a smaller waistline. People’s eyes are drawn to the ankles and it gives of a smaller waistline effortlessly.

H&M Trousers with Frills, SGD 69.90


Having ruffles on skirts adds on as a statement piece if you’re working with a simple outfit. Why not be different and switch the focal point of your outfit to your skirt instead of the your top?

ZARA Ruffled Wrap Skirt, SGD 69.90


For an edgier yet flounced and dainty look, this leather ruffled tote bag expresses it perfectly.

TOPSHOP Leather Ruffle Tote Bag. SGD106.00

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