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Are These Shoes Fur Real?

Are These Shoes Fur Real?


First off, I’m all for Gucci shoes. It’s Gucci, for Christ’s sake… Its practically a name that has become synonymous with “good” (i.e., when you ask someone, “What’s Gucci?” and they respond, “Everything’s Gucci! What’s Gucci with you?”). The brand has always been on the forefront of fashion and is a true pioneer when it comes to bizarre yet beautiful footwear. How can Gucci go wrong?

Gucci’s Princetown Leather Slipper Retailing at USD $995
via Gucci.com

When I first saw these shows, I genuinely (from the bottom of my heart) wanted to like them, but they seemed impractical for people who are just trying to make it through life. But these Gucci loafers became a must-have fall footwear staple for fashion editors, It Girls, and celebrities. Tons of cool people started rocking this furry pair of loafers, proving us all wrong that it is possible to look amazing in them. That’s when I finally understood the appeal.

Gucci’s fur-lined Princetown slip-ons are the shoes of the season. The loafer-mule hybrids feature the trademark horse-bit detail from the brand’s classic loafers and make a statement with the excess fur surrounding the foot.

Sure, they don’t come cheap, but how can you beat the unrivalled combination of Gucci’s signature horse bit embellishment, buttery leather, and super-soft Kangaroo fur lining — all in one chic, and surprisingly practical, shoe? In classic black, these flats easily adds sophistication to your outfit. Plus, they’ve got all the comfort of your favourite pair of house slippers, but are totally acceptable to wear in public. The only problem is: You’re probably going to get robbed from your feet.

It isn’t the first time high fashion has made a case for the furry inner sole. In autumn 2012, Céline designer Phoebe Philo introduced a court shoe with real fur inside. A pair of fur-lined Birkenstock-esk sandals from the same collection were a pivotal moment in haute slipper chic. Of course, critiques pointed at their weirdness and impracticality, but just a couple of seasons later, actual Birkenstocks did a brisk trade in sheepskin-lined sandals and became a hit.

Céline Birkenstocks
via Polyvore

Another shoe included in the Princeton Collection is the Goat Hair Slippers. No, this isn’t Donald Trump’s hair — it’s a $1800 (SGD $2460) slipper from Gucci’s new “Princetown” collection. Unlike its slightly more dignified counterpart, which is merely lined with kangaroo fur, this slipper is completely covered with genuine goat hair, with the signature Gucci horse-bit detail buried in the pelt. It has a leather sole and is categorised online as a “salon shoe.”

Gucci’s Goat Hair Slippers Retailing at USD $1800
via Gucci.com

We have something that can brighten up your day. Apparently the Gucci Goat Hair Slippers that costs $1800 is being compared to non other than Donald Trump’s hair:

Despite these recent forays into furry-shoe territory, Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s recently installed designer, has been credited with making the furry shoe all his own. He has also managed to transform the kudos of the entire Gucci brand from luxury blah to the label which will trump all others, proving that Gucci will never go wrong.

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