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Alicia Keys Goes Bare-faced To The VMAs

Alicia Keys Goes Bare-faced To The VMAs


Everyone’s been talking about Alicia Keys since the recent MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs). It’s been awhile since the sassy mother of two has dominated the headlines of the entertainment industry – until she showed up at the VMAs completely free of makeup.

That’s right, without a single shred of makeup. She later went on stage to present the award for Best Male Video, still without makeup yet oozing confidence.

In May, she published a letter announcing her decision to stop wearing makeup in what she hoped would spur a “revolution”, but it was not until the VMAs that her decision attracted widespread attention.

While many applauded Keys’ bold, almost unheard-of move, some called her out for what they saw as a veiled criticism of women who enjoyed wearing makeup. She then responded on Twitter:


Ultimately, makeup is a kind of art. It is a mode of self-expression. Critics of Keys probably missed the point she was trying to make, that women should feel comfortable enough in their own skin instead of feeling incomplete bare-faced. Don’t get us wrong – we love makeup! Worn right, makeup makes your face glow by accentuating your best features. But rather than giving you confidence, wearing makeup should add to your confidence. We’re pretty sure Keys will concur with us on this.


Of course, it’s advisable to put on a bit of makeup when attending important social events or going for job interviews so you don’t come across looking unpresentable (we can’t all be Alicia Keys, can we?).

But like our mothers always told us, beauty is skin-deep. And confidence comes from within.

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