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Affordable & Cute Protective Sunglasses

Affordable & Cute Protective Sunglasses


Living in sunny Singapore means that we’re often exposed to harsh sunlight, and with that, UV rays. Singapore actually has one of the highest UVI globally, averaging at 12, which is way higher than the normal range of 7-11.

According to the World Health Organisation, “the higher the UVI, the greater the potential for damage to skin and eyes”.

Despite that, not many Singaporeans actually wear sunglasses when they’re out and about. Even if they do, the sunglasses worn are usually for fashion purposes and do not provide any UV protection at all.

Did you know that wearing non-protective sunglasses can damage your eyes more than not wearing sunglasses?

Here are the 4 criteria that you should fulfil when choosing the right sunglasses:

  1. Look out for stickers that indicate 100% UVA+UVB
  2. The lenses should be translucent enough for your pupils to be seen
  3. The shape of the sunglasses should be well-fitted to your face
  4. Colour of lenses should either be a mix of yellow-brown or yellow-gray

Protective sunglasses can be expensive, so these are some affordable options that we’ve sourced for you!

Left: Southbeach Flat Lens Cat Eye Sunglasses with Gold Brow Bar (~$24)

Right: ASOS 90s Metal Round Sunglasses in Rose Gold (~$24)

Left: ASOS Metal Bridge Cat Eye Sunglasses with Rose Gold (~$24)

Right: ASOS Cat Eye Sunglasses with Cut Away Frame and Tort Mix (~$24)

Left: Jeepers Peepers Aviators in Tortoise (~$36)

Right: ASOS Classic Retro Sunglasses (~$16)

Since we’ve shown that you can be fashionable while protecting your eyes at the same time, be sure to put on a pair of sunglasses the next time you’re out!



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