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6 online clicks for Hari Raya 2017

6 online clicks for Hari Raya 2017


Not ready for Hari Raya 2017?  Still having the dilemma of prepping what baju (outfit) to wear on the first day of raya? “What design should I get? Is this pattern out of trend? Does this baju  make me look fabulous?” And the questions are never ending…But fret not! Here are some online websites for you to purchase your baju kurung in a click!

Zalora Eid Collection

From L to R: Syomirizwa Gupta Runway Set, Zalia Placement Floral Wrap Dress, Jovian Mandagie Zora Modern Dress, Rizalman Tangier Baju Kurung

If you don’t already know, Zalora is a one stop online shopping website with many different brands to choose from! Top brands to choose for Hari Raya 2017 under Zalora is none other than the reknowned Zalia. On top of that, there are also many other brands to choose from such as Rizalman, Jovian Mandagie, Lubna etc. Plus, all these attractive pieces at affordable prices. Just set your budget on the price bar on the left hand side of the page and you’re set to choose from a myriad of options! Every year, their hari raya collection impresses me. And this year is no different! Love admiring and donning their pieces.


Owned by celebrity Nurul Aini and best friends cum sister-in-law, Diah Mastura, Studiofrost have been producing clothes for Hari Raya. Quality assured, trendy and elegant, these pieces are really worth every dollar! Family sets are available too and they are so adorable! The pictures above clearly can’t deny how gorgeous their Hari Raya 2017 collection is this year. Absolutely breathtaking!

Lulu Alhadad

The Queen of kaftans and abayas. Started off with Jellabiyas and now everything flamboyant from dresses to gowns to outerwears and the list goes on. I love admiring her bold designs and exotic patterns. What’s there not to love honestly? Stand out in these amazing kaftans and abayas! Designed not to be body hugging and giving you more allowance to eat without worrying about the bulge in your stomach! FYI, stocks for these babies are high in demand and sells out fast!


Its an in-thing  now to mix and match your top and bottom. Buy your tops and skirts separately to fit your styling criteria. At this website, they sell a variety of batik skirts that goes perfect with a solid mono-coloured top. They do have fixed sets too! However why not mix and match as their batik skirts are to die for! If you are looking for a simplistic yet traditional outfit, purchase their batik skirts and style it with any basic blouse. Simple, affordable and appropriate for raya (;


Want to look poise, elegant and princess-like? Llylac has it all. Designs are specially curated exclusively to showcase the essence of haute couture. And the best part, they have pant-suit kurung too! High quality and wallet friendly. Its a win-win situation! And how can you fault this collection? Its flawless, truly elegance and chic at its best!


From L to R: Zip-Front Blouse & Skirt Set in Blue Print, Maryam Lace Kurung Set in Blush, Roselia Kurung in Peach, Gaia Flared Kurung Set in Salmon, Kurung Seremban in Maroon

Similar to Zalora, this website has many designer brands under them. Originating from Malaysia, it has now spread its shopping ventures to Singapore. And I must say it was a good idea to expand because the clothes are undeniably beautiful. I am truly spoilt for choices!

So what are you waiting for? Click away and hurry before these stunning pieces are unavailable (: Make this Hari Raya 2017 the best one yet!


If online shopping is not your thing, be sure to visit Celebfest happening this weekend, 16-18 June at Suntec City Singapore Convention Exhibition Centre!  Check out their website, facebook and instagram page for more details.

“CelebFest aims to be the largest and most exciting event, with the best bargain in town. This event will bring together various established, popular and celebrity brands from countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia to allow shoppers to have a wide range of product choices.”

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