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5 Tips For Valentine’s Day On A Budget

5 Tips For Valentine’s Day On A Budget


Valentine’s Day is a day of love and in this day and age, we tend to express our love through gifts. With the thought of wanting to shower your loved ones with gifts, this special day can cause you to spend quite a fair bit. Considering the fact that restaurants, florists and retail shops bank on Valentine’s Day to capitalise on the hopeless romantic in us, we could be spending a lot more in the month of February as compared to other months.

So, how can couples try to save a bit of money on Valentine’s Day this year? Perhaps you can think outside the box instead of getting the usual gifts of roses and chocolates. Here are ten ways that you can have a wonderful time and still save money on Valentines Day gifts.

1. Create a special evening at home together

Restaurants are always so packed with people, especially on Valentine’s Day. So why not whip up a nice and romantic meal at home with your significant other?

The meal doesn’t have to consist of expensive and pricey ingredients. Just focus on spending more time than usual on the taste and plating. There are several wonderful recipes online like AllRecipies, FootNetwork, Tasty and many more. I’m sure you’ll learn a trick or two on how to turn everyday ordinary ingredients into something special.

In addition, besides saving money, you two will have a lot of fun together preparing the meal!

2. Substitute effort over money

Instead of purchasing something for your date just for the sake of it, why not do something handmade for them instead? An investment of your sincerity is a better sign of love than just swiping your credit card.

Give an irreplaceable and personal token of your love. A handmade pop up card, a short video consisting of pictures of you two since your first date and many more. Whatever you choose to make with your time and effort, your other half will appreciate the thought put into it.

Also, draw on your own talents and hobbies when preparing the gift! If you have green fingers, grow a little potted plant; if you enjoy baking, bake a delectable dessert. The ideas are endless!

3. Do awesome free things

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a great deal of fun. Sounds cliché, but it’s totally true.

Try sun tanning at the beach, have a picnic at Marina Barrage, do the MacRitchie Treetop Walk, watch free outdoor concerts at The Esplanade and go on a heritage tour around Singapore. This little red dot may seem small, but there’s actually a lot of things to do.

For the lazy ones, you can even just spend your day at home cuddling on the couch while watching Netflix. Valentine’s Day doesn’t always require you to spend a bomb.

4. Source for cheap deals

Want to pamper your date without burning a hole in your wallet? Check Groupon out! If you have zero clue on what Groupon is, then you are truly missing out. It’s a voucher site that allows you to save money on food, goods and activities by purchasing them at a discounted rate.

On Groupon, you’ll see vouchers for fine dining, facial and spas, massages, staycations and even getaways—perfect for pampering your Valentine on this special occasion. Best part? You get to save up to 70% sometimes when they have mega deals going on!

Also, don’t forget to check Carousell out. It’s a mobile marketplace application where you can buy and sell things. Many items there are actually brand new but sold at a lower price to clear, so maybe you can find a thing or two for your date!

5. Skip celebrating on the day itself

This will hit home with those who are mending a broken heart and are always bummed out on February 14. It may also seem dull to some who are looking forward to celebrate it with their other half. However, prices for food and flowers get marked up on this day of consumerism. Instead of heading to town and squeezing with everyone else and their date, why not celebrate it on another day instead?

After all, Valentine’s Day is a day for love, but so is every other day of the year when you are with the one you truly love.

Valentine’s Day is only as expensive as you make it to be. The fastest foolproof way to ruin a perfect day out with your date is to spend too much on unnecessary things by making bad decisions with your money.

Always remember, the crux of Valentine’s Day is appreciating your other half and maintaining the relationship between each other and not where you are heading to for dinner!

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