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5 Fun Apps For Women

5 Fun Apps For Women

The truth is that we are on our phones now more often than we’re not, except for when we are sleeping of course. Seeing how we spend a great deal of time on different apps on our smartphones, most of us probably can’t live without our mobile phones these days.
Some of the apps we have on our phones help add convenience to our lives, some of them enhance our creativity, while some keep us entertain when we are crazily bored. Most of us are probably on always on the hunt for new apps to keep up with the latest trends.
There are a ton of apps out there and I’m sure you don’t want to be downloading something that seems promising only to be disappointed after using using it, especially for paid ones that turn out to be trashy. To save you from such horrors, here are 5 awesome apps that have different uses—all weeded out from the bad ones!
1. Vanitee
Looking for good beauty services can be difficult when you’re unsure of what they can offer. At Vanitee, you can look through a myriad of beauty services, covering hair, nails, facial services and etc. Vanitee is an online booking destination for quality beauty services from sought-after independent and emerging artists. It is hassle free and extremely convenient, allowing you to book a service with just a click of a button!
For those who are fashionistas and love keeping up with the latest trends, this app is for you. It keeps you notified on all the up and coming fashion trends, allowing you to follow budding designers that could be the potential Michael Kors. Another interesting feature is that you are able to browse several different outfits from your favourite celebrities, watching fashion and runway shows from the comfort of your own home.
3. Wattpad
This is the best app for the creative individuals who love writing and reading. If you enjoy works written by everyday writers, then this app is what you definitely need. You can skim through endless stories original stories, and even contribute your very own if you’re up for it. If you’re an aspiring writer that seeks to get your work recognised by others, this app will propel you towards your dreams.
4. Band Of The Day
For all the music junkies out there who are always looking out for new songs and bands to add to your Spotify playlist, this app is for you guys. There is a ton of awesome music from artists who don’t get as much credit as they should as they’re not too big in the music industry yet. This app introduces a new band or artist daily so you can get to know more about the different songs out there.
5. Whisper
This is a fun app if you’re into cheeky gossiping and secret telling without hurting anyone in the process of course. This app lets you post secrets anonymously and also view secrets posted by others. I guarantee entertainment for hours straight reading all the hilarious secrets and moments posted by others. While some secrets may be a bit dark and upsetting, most secrets are simply lighthearted and amusing.
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