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5 Absolutely Crazy Eyeliner Trends

5 Absolutely Crazy Eyeliner Trends


Remember back then when a cat-eye eyeliner was so sophisticated, and was the latest bursting trend? Today, an eyeliner has become much more than just a simple flick of a stroke. Whenever we scroll through our Instagram feeds and the explore page, it seems like we are being greeted with an unexpected eyeliner trend every now and then. In fact, some of them are so beautiful and intricate, that it makes us want to explore that very trend on our own. It’s a lot of eyeliner to keep up with, as the possibilities are endless.

After sieving through many different trends that have graced all forms of social media, here are 5 of the biggest eyeliner trends:

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1) Pizza Eyeliner

Combining the universal love for a hot-piping cheesy goodness with the desire to look edgy, the pizza eyeliner was birthed. This beautiful yet gastronomic look may not be everyones cup of tea, but it will certainly be a head turner—getting the attention of everyone, especially if they’re into pizzas.

Don’t attempt this eyeliner on an empty stomach though, it may cause immense hunger pangs!

2) Ribbon Eyeliner

Spruce up your cat-eye look by adding a different touch to it. This look features a ribbon going round the winged liner, forming a seemingly interesting spiral. Everyone’s been trying this one out and getting creative, using all sorts of colours from electric blue to a deep red. For a more intense look, try it on a double winged cat-eye. You’ll definitely be making a statement!

3) Unicorn Eyeliner

We’ve seen crazy unicorn trends like the unicorn braid and the multi-coloured unicorn hair, but nothing beats the unicorn eyeliner. It seems like it’s a beauty trend that’s bestowed to us from the makeup gods above.

With all the unicorn merchandises popping up in the market lately, it comes off as no surprise that makeup gurus are channeling their skills to pull off this whimsical look. Unicorns wannabe can now take a step closer to realising their dreams with this mystical look.

It may not be a look that’s suited for everyday wear, but definitely the most perfect one when you’re looking for some magic in your life.

4) Rainbow Eyeliner

Don’t ever let the idea of wearing a rainbow on your eyelids intimidate you. This look that seems like it’s inspired from a Skittle obsession may seem really intense, but in actuality you’re just applying a spectrum of colours onto your eyelids.

This gorgeous look gives you just the right amount of statement that everyone needs in their lives. It boasts a variety of colour to make a statement, but not the kind of statement that will make people think that you’re overboard for doing up this look. Don’t be afraid to wear it out!

5) Mermaid Eyeliner

If you are a sucker for iridescent objects and constantly fantasise about living on a beach with salt-sprayed hair and sun-kissed skin, then you may be mad over mermaids. And let me tell you, you’ll definitely love this look. With the invention of holographic makeup, magic is made real with the mermaid eyeliner. What’s there to not like about this look? It may just be my favourite eyeliner trend yet.

This look sees mermaid lovers reaching a whole new level on eyeliner trend. Think glitter and iridescent scale-accented cat eyes. With this eyeliner look, all you’re short of is a mermaid tail to becoming a true mermaid.

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