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3 cardinal rules of shopping you wish you’d known earlier

3 cardinal rules of shopping you wish you’d known earlier


We’ve all fallen victim to this unending irony: we stare at our bursting wardrobes and the words “I don’t have anything to wear” tumble out carelessly. If you’ve ever found yourself in this position, we all empathise. The truth is that sometimes we consume much more than we need, or we never consume exactly what we need.

On a macroscopic level, this reveals uglier issues that demand to be resolved. The world is buying clothes and consuming fashion at an alarming pace. There’s an abundance of statistics to prove it. There are even days dedicated to shopping (think: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, 11.11 etc.) and the time-sensitive nature tends to amplify impulsive behaviour. Phenomena like fast fashion make trends accessible to youths and the greater population, but this inadvertently creates wastage and other problems.

We tell you 3 cardinal rules of shopping to help you stay conscious of your spending habits:

If you haven’t worn a new item in 3 days, you’re unlikely to wear it. If you haven’t worn it in 7 days, you’re definitely not going to wear it. Make sure you return it in 14 days, or you’re never going to do so.

This rule keeps you from buying something you would never wear, so bear it in mind when you see that neglected clothes pile growing.

Divide your shopping budget as such: 80% on staples/basics, and 20% on spontaneous pieces you love. You don’t have to cut out shopping entirely, you just have to be practical about it. Maybe don’t spend your whole paycheck on Roberto Cavalli.

Let’s face it, we’re all too familiar with the morning rush from the sheets to the streets. Avoid that by planning your outfits before you sleep. This way, you’ll put together an outfit without rush, and can incorporate statement pieces or that ultra-bold skirt you’ve never worn before.


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