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15 things you should know about being independent

15 things you should know about being independent


1. You’ve learned to overcome tough obstacles. You’re the captain of your life vessel and you can take it in any direction that you wish to go. The future is calling to you and it’s up to you to decide how to get there.

2. You’re a do-er, not a dweller. You’re the last person to sit around moping about the past. When you’re having a rough week, you’d rather get off the couch and make plans to keep busy rather than rehash every detail of how your life has gone off the rails.

3. When opportunity arises, you’re ready to go for it. Shyness, fear or the unknown rarely holds you back. You’ve worked hard to get to where you’re at and have put yourself in a position to take chances.

4. You’re able to create the life that you want for yourself in the best way that you see fit. The voice in your head has always been the best guide there is. You answer to yourself and listen to where that voice has always wanted to go.

5. You’re a force. Your beauty exudes itself in your self-reliance and the way that you manage to navigate situations and grow stronger with every new experience you encounter.

6. You can get to places on your own. It may take a bit longer but you’re up for the challenge. Plus you’ve got GPS technology in your favour.

7. You’re comfortable doing things on your own, you’re open to new experiences, new opportunities and new people.

8. You’re not going to wait around for someone to spoon feed and explain something to you. You’ll go ahead and find it out on your own.

9. You are financially stable and don’t need to depend on anyone. You also choose to live in a place of your preference and make your own decisions about the major choices in life.

10. Your self-sufficiency enables you to go about your day with confidence, calmness and a sense of pride. Your sense of well-being is reflected in your interactions with those around you and has become an admired quality by all who know you.

11. You see potential where others see roadblocks. Your natural leadership ability is part of your independent nature – motivating you to take on new ventures and risks that someone with less confidence could not accomplish.

12. You won’t give up easily and you won’t stop until you find a solution. While those around you may have lost interest quickly – you have the fortitude to see things through from start to finish.

13. You challenge the status quo. Your opinions and questions uncover things that nobody thought to ask. You could have nodded your head or remained silent, but it’s not in your nature to sit back when you notice something is not right.

14. You know exactly when you’re ready to commit to a romantic relationship. The people you’re attracted to are the ones who appreciate your independence and will in turn appreciate that sometimes you just want to do something by yourself.

15. You’re not afraid to be alone. You embrace the solitude to check in with yourself, to do the things that you enjoy and to recharge your batteries.

Hui Xin Huixin is a true ENFJ. Her passions include fashion, dancing and everything design. Her latest obsession? Acai!


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