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10 Lush Products That Are Life-changing

10 Lush Products That Are Life-changing


Any Lush store could very well be one of the Wonders of the World. It’s almost like the pace of the crowd slows down a notch as they try to catch a second whiff of lavender oils and a closer glimpse of the trademark pyrotechnical bath bombs. Once you set foot into Lush, you’re in for a multi-sensory delight. It’s always a visual, scented feast that will instantly perk you up.

We give you the lowdown on the top 10 Lush products we can’t live without.

1. Mask of Magnaminty (Self-preserving)

This mask leaves your skin feelin’ tinglin’ with all the natural goodness of kaolin clay and peppermint oil.

2. Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub

This scrub is a little wondrous pot of magic. With coconut and avocado, it promises to leave your skin soft and supple. It even has lime and vodka – but without the nasty hangover the next morning. Perfect for getting (your skin) turnt in the comfort of your home.

3. New Charity Pot

This moisturizer does exactly what you think a moisturizer should do, and doesn’t leave your skin sticky.

Lush has a foundation that supports the work of small grassroots organizations, which is funded entirely by the sales of its Charity Pot lotion. For every pot you purchase, 100% of the proceeds go to animal welfare, environmental conservation and human rights organizations.

4. Vanishing Cream Facial Moisturizer

If you have acne, oily skin or spots, this moisturizer will be your holy grail skincare item.

5. Gorgeous Facial Moisturizer

Those blessed with good complexion and looking for a lighter alternative to the Vanishing Cream, this one’s for you! The fresh pineapple juice adds a unique deep-cleansing touch.

6. Enchanted Eye Cream

This is suitable for all skin types, and the soothing quality of lavender honey and almond oil make this a must-have in your daily skincare regime.

7. Emotional Brilliance

The pink undertones of this face powder gives you an incredible mattifying glow that can’t be achieved with anything else. We love!

8. R&B Hair Moisturizer

Frizzy hair be gone – for those with curly or dry hair, this is a hair moisturizer that restores the nourishment your hair needs.

9. The Experimenter Bath Bomb

A spectacular display of colours and glitter, this bath bomb is ideal for winding down at the end of a long day. Treat yoself, right?

10. Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb

Want something a little more mellow and romantic? Take a dip with this bath bomb, complete with rose petals and rose absolute. (Serving recommendation: best enjoyed with your Valentine’s)


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