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泰 Fantastic Thai Market: What You Need To Know

泰 Fantastic Thai Market: What You Need To Know


Being known as a national heritage site, the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station has been called to a tender for advanced works to dismantle, repair, and reinstate the former railway station’s train platform canopy structures. Having been around for almost a century, the railway station undoubtedly holds a special place in many people’s hearts. After all, it was constructed long before the Causeway and the MRT even began construction.

Tanjong Pagar Railway
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Thankfully, Fleawhere SG seized the opportunity to allow visitors to enjoy the last time that they will ever see historical site.

If you’re a fan of all things Thai, this is something you’re going to love!

In collaboration with the Singapore Land Authority, Fleawhere – the folks responsible for curating some of the largest flea markets and bazaars in Singapore – is bringing you a Thai-themed market called 泰 Fantastic Thai Market at the historical Tanjong Pagar Railway Station next Monday, 12th September 2016! With over 100 food and merchandise stalls, experience the first ever and probably the last Thai-themed concept market at the heritage site as it is due to close for a complete overhaul later at the end of this year.me

Our inside sources also told us that Soi55, Matchayasg, The Wicked Cream Co., ourminiposhhouse, Faux Fayc, and Wild Harvest Care are just some of the stalls that you need to keep your eyes out for!

Stalls to look out for at Thai Fantastic Market!

If it isn’t already enough, Kerbside Gourmet will be there to offer delectable Thai street food such as Lemongrass Pork Belly Roll with Somtum Slaw and Sticky Rice with Mussels and Spicy Coriander Chutney. On top of that, take the opportunity to take your #ootd beside vintage car displays courtesy of Kombi Rocks.

With so much to offer, head on down to Tanjong Pagar Railway Station to soak in nostalgic vibes and indulge in all things Thai!

Keep your eyes peeled on Fleawhere’s Facebook and Instagram for more updates!

Where: Tanjong Pagar Railway Track
When: 12 September 2016
Hours: 10am to 9pm

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